Who’s Lazy Mr. President?!

The United States has one of the highest corporate tax rates on the planet.  At the same time, Obama punted the decision on the XL Keystone Pipeline until AFTER the next election, killing 20,000 jobs.  The banks, which are full of money are refusing to give out loans to small businesses and entrepreneurs and somehow that translate into Americans being lazy!!!  Outrageous!

It was September of this year, you may recall, when he said that Americans were soft.  I wonder which golf course he was playing when that little gem entered his mind.  This from a man, who spends all kinds of time in Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, New York City, and traveling Europe in “much-needed vacations.”  When he does come up with an idea, it always involves billions of dollars paid by those same people he just called lazy.

Well Mr. President, if we were so lazy how is it you have the money to do the traveling?  Additionally, who paid for that TARP bailout which has been an absolute failure.  I’m curious who you think paid for the Solyndra debacle.

For every finger you point at the American people, there are 3 more pointing back at you.  You have effectively cut off our legs at the knees and then wonder why we can’t walk.  Over regulation of businesses to the point they are choking and closing has chased jobs overseas.  Moratoriums on drilling in the gulf of Mexico for oil has driven businesses to the coast off of Africa.  Allowing the EPA to choose a smelt fish over the agricultural industry has left California with high unemployment, closing farms and higher grocery prices.  But, I guess since the taxpayers pay for your groceries there at the White House, it means nothing to you.  Furthermore, who pays for the celebrity chefs that you fly into the White House, like Paula Deen?  Those unions that you love so much with their lavish pensions and shameless salaries have rendered us non-competitive with China and India.   When you had to have a very special motorcade car built from scratch, we covered the cost.  All the gas that gets pumped into that monster is paid by us as is the jet fuel for Air Force One so you can travel around places you have lived instead of being at home working.

We also pick up the tab for all the beer you drink trying to convince us that you are just a “regular guy.”  All these golf-course solutions of yours have been nothing but smoke and mirrors.  You are the biggest pathological narcissist that has ever held the office and are so caught up in your self-love you have missed the slow burn anger of the American people.  You are also so caught up in your self-importance to realize that you have alienated yourself from all but the most extremes of your party.  When it comes to insults Mr. President, Americans have long memories.

Keep fiddling Sir, as Rome burns.  Nero may have survived the fire, but he couldn’t survive the fire and the oppression of the Christians combined with the class warfare he began.  A revolution took place among the people and they rose up against him.  Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.


Obama’s Newest Lie: Another Law Broken

While the media trips over themselves to bring down Herman Cain, Obama is free to quietly break United States law AGAIN.  The law is from 1984 and it forbids ANY US funding to ANY UN organization that supports the Palestinian declaration of statehood.  Apparently laws are only obeyed if they back your agenda because Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee announced that she would release the block on the security aid.  The first block is for $50 Million, the other is for $150 Million.  $200 Million dollars of YOUR money, that you worked so hard for, is going to go to the terrorist organization, the Palestinian Authority (AKA Hamas).

That’s not all the money that is up for grabs either.  It might interest you to know that Congress has already APPROVED $400 Million in civic assistance AND $1.5 BILLION for security needs.  That’s a laugh considering it is the PA through Hamas who bombs Israel day in and day out.  The bombs are not traveling the other way so why do they have security concerns?  Furthermore, what could WE do with $1.9 BILLION?  How about give it back to the taxpayers so we can start spurring some economic development?

An American official told The Jerusalem Post that “our assistance to the Palestinian people is an essential part of the US commitment to a negotiated two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis, promoting a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

How absurd is that?  I have shown you all in previous posts that bombs and violence are being perpetrated upon Israel consistently each and every day.  The road to peace begins with Hamas and the PA being stripped of all of their weapons.  How many times must an impertinent child be allowed to hit you with their toys before you take the toys away?  Same idea on a much more dangerous large-scale.  In this case the toys of Hamas murder innocent victims.  And our President and his administration turn a blind eye to the bombings and killings while bending over backwards to pander to the Arabs.

As if it could not possibly get any worse, Obama and French President Sarkozy got caught on an open mike November 3rd at the G20 Summit:

“I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar,” Sarkozy told US President Barack Obama during a frank exchange where the US president took him to task for backing a Palestinian request for membership of the UN cultural heritage agency UNESCO.

You’re fed up, Obama responded, but I have to deal with it all day.

As you can well imagine, the Israelis are not impressed.  Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon came out publicly and stated, “I was embarrassed to read what Sarkozy thinks about our prime minister, and I was even more embarrassed to hear that the US President agrees with him,” Ben-Simon said.  “I am filled with shame that this is the way two of our greatest allies treat our prime minister,” he added. “I think this is the first time such comments have been publicized.”

I could not agree with him more.

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If you have asthma stop ruining the environment

Everyday when I wake up and get a cup of coffee, I take some time and peruse the news.  Lately there has been no shortage of absurdities.  In addition to putting big weapons in the hands of drug cartels, shutting down medical marijuana to the sick and making fake green employers (Solyndra), the Obama administration is now pulling all the over-the-counter medication for asthmatics.

This maneuver will force asthmatics to purchase medication through prescription only which is considerably more expensive.  When you factor in the cost of going to the doctors on a regular basis to get your refills the costs really begins to soar.  Perhaps this is how Obama intends to get everyone on ObamaCare.  If we can no longer access OTC’s and we cannot afford to see a regular doctor monthly plus trying to afford the prescription inhalers, then we have little choice but to get on the program for socialized medicine.

Speaking as someone who does have asthma, I find this appalling.  Asthmatic attacks have  the potential to be fatal if medication or medical attention are not administered in time.  So, the administration is deliberating denying access to affordable emergency medication under the rationalization of “saving the environment.”  At issue is the use of CFC’s (Chloroflourocarbons) as the propellant to get the medication into the lungs quickly.   Asthmatic inhalers are the latest intrusion by the United Nations.  Obama has capitulated to International pressures trying to “protect the earth.”  Truthfully, the science regarding global warming is iffy at best.  I believe in climate change, but as a trained scientist, I don’t subscribe to this notion that humans are causing global warming.  It’s been the biggest scam ever thought of and has made people like Al Gore very rich men.  The amount of CFC’s that are produced by these life saving inhalers is an insignificant amount when compared to a very active volcano.  In fact, all of our emissions are insignificant when compared to nature itself.  And you can’t control nature.

Politicians who bow to the demands of the world’s climate alarmists have long sought various means of reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions. To date, the measures they have proposed have been rather mundane, focusing primarily on reducing emissions associated with one’s household activities and transportation habits. For example, we have been encouraged to replace our incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient ones. We’ve also been asked to participate in municipal recycling programs, to drive less, to car pool or to utilize public transportation.

As the government has intruded on all of our lives, why not push for mandated healthcare in the name of the environment.  In other words, we can’t destroy the environment so you will have to get some kind of insurance if you want to live.  This is completely ludicrous and I am so tired of doing what the rest of the world wants so they will like us.  I don’t care if France or Indonesia or Norway like us.  They sure like our money and they sure like our military support.  It’s time we took our sovereignty back and began worrying about our own citizens.

Of course, this environmental balderdash might just be one be cover up for big pharma giving massive political donations to Obama’s re-election campaign.  There is much more profit in asthmatics using prescription meds rather than OTC’s.   Whatever Obama’s motivation is clearly it is not in the best interest of Americans.

The new rules by the FDA will have no effect on jobs, but will wind up being very costly to many of the low-income folks who rely on OTC inhalers to treat their Asthma.

Is this really the time to force poor Americans to stop treating their symptoms if a prescription and doctor visit are beyond their reach when a cheap and safe OTC alternative is widely available?  This rule will result in a reduced quality of life for many working class Americans.  I know people who suffer from moderate Asthma but cannot afford regular doctors visits and prescription medication.  I suppose the only solution for them will be to stop living so much.

As I have been watching and reading the news today, I have noticed that there are very few segments on this story.  It would seem the mainstream media is putting this on the back burner or it is just getting buried with the other scandals that are developing.  So, I am hoping my readers will pass along this link and get the information out.  This is an outrage and needs to be told.  We need to put the pressure on this administration to stop this kind of nonsense.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Obama administration bans Asthma inhalers to protect the environment – National Law and Politics | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/law-and-politics-in-national/obama-administration-bans-asthma-inhalers-to-protect-the-environment#ixzz1aQyu2W11



Medical Marijuana: Alienate your base: break another promise

Let me preface this by saying that I am not a smoker of marijuana.  In fact, I am very allergic to marijuana (MJ) which I found out at a concert when I was 17 years old.  Whenever I get around someone smoking, I get horrible hay fever symptoms and my throat swells.  So, I have never had a dog in the fight regarding the decriminalization or legalization of MJ.  That is until the Obama administration let loose the Justice Department (DOJ) on those states that have voted and passed medical marijuana (MM).  

I was certainly taken aback by this development because it is an absolute break of his promise to the MM community that he would be hand’s off.  I also found it rather ironic that Obama has gone after MM with much more vitriol that even conservative George Bush.  Once again for those people who keep reiterating that all politicians are the same, take a close look.  Obama promised hands off MM and has betrayed your confidence whereas Bush, the one who gets vilified was hands off.  The difference in the two comes down to States Rights versus Federal Rights.  Conservatives by nature believe very strongly in States Rights.  Democrats believe very strongly in Federal Rights.  If you love having the government in your business and taking your land, then you are a big supporter of Federal Rights.  And the consequences of that support means that the President can renege on promises and sic Federal Agencies on you if it supports their agenda.

And that had me thinking of the agenda for most of the afternoon.  I did quite a bit of reading and I tend to agree with the people who believe that the pharmaceutical  lobby is partly behind this.  MM competes with big pharma’s drugs used for cancer, glaucoma and Multiple Sclerosis to name a few.  The prescriptions for those illnesses can be astronomical compared to a few ounces of MM.  With the election season beginning to fire up and Obama casting glances at this war chest, he knows he will need some serious money.  Let’s face it, right now he is in a deep hole and the scandals of Solydra, Operation Gunrunner and Operation Fast & Furious are beginning to drown him.  Add to that the deepening recession and on-going unemployment he has a very serious uphill battle.  I read a blog the other day from a former Obama supporter who said that if the Republicans run a quesadilla she would vote for it over Obama.

I also happen to think that Obama is trying to woo back the coveted independent and moderate voters.  Nothing gets the crowd going better than showing you are hardcore on crime.  Also, if you play the “will someone think of the children” card you will win over some voters.  So, we are hearing that targeted dispensaries are within 1000 feet of schools.  Personally, I don’t know why there is that city ordinance if you are checking ID’s or stamps or cards before you make the sale.  But each community has the right to figure out what works for them and if it makes parents feels better than I’m all for it.  If this is a tactic for Obama to move towards center, it’s another miscalculation on his part.

74% of all Americans support MM.  When it comes to legalization of marijuana in general the statistics are much more conservative with only 31% support.  Essentially, Americans favor decriminalization but not legalization.  It is an important distinction. Most Americans have had loved ones who have suffered greatly from HIV, cancer or Multiple Sclerosis and everyone wants to see their loved ones have relief from pain and suffering.  Frankly, if MM can do that without all the unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs then we feel comfortable with that.  However, when you begin to speak about legalization, most Americans see that as a slippery slope which opens the door to the legalization of Meth, Crack, LSD etc.

Not only did Obama miscalculate how many people favor MM, but he is really showing a shocking hypocrisy.  Under his watch, 2,500 guns were walked over to the Mexican cartels with only 600 being accounted for.  It also caused the deaths of Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata.  All of this without speaking to the Mexican Government.  So, on the one hand we gave arms to the enemies of the Mexican Government while on the other hand we are going to crack down and smash the STATE LEGAL MM dispensaries.  Which coincidentally also helps the enemies of the Mexican Governments.  If the STATE LEGAL dispensaries are closed, the I have no doubt the Cartels will be happy to step in and provide the product.

That quesadilla is really starting to look good!!



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