Herman Cain: Gary Hart revisited

When Herman Cain‘s accusers came forth with sexual harassment allegations, I stay out of the fray.  Limbaugh, Hannity and other conservative talk people were quick to rush to his defense.  They likened his situation to Justice Clarence Thomas when Anita Hill had made similar accusations.  However, there was only one accuser in that situation- Hill- and considering she kept working for Thomas even after the time she said the harassment occurred, she looked like a phony.  Cain has more than one accuser for the harassment allegations (at least 4) and now he has a long-term extra-marital affair to add to the mix.

In 1984, a newcomer to the political stage emerged to take on the old establishment for the democratic nomination.  Gary Hart, like Herman Cain, had a meteoric rise to the top of the polls taking on Walter Mondale.  He had fresh ideas, was young and looked like the new poster child for democrats.  He gave Mondale and established Washington hardcore politician a run for his money.  However, in 1984, he didn’t have the money he needed to unseat the traditional candidate and Mondale went on to face Ronald Reagan for the Presidency.

Then came 1988 and all eyes were on Gary Hart.  As he made his announcement in 1987, the democrats were thrilled with the prospect of putting a new face with new ideas up against the established V.P., George H.W. Bush.  However, cracks began to show in the Hart facade almost immediately.  Quiet rumors began to stir of an extra marital affair sending reporters out in droves to get the scoop.  Back then, the mainstream media wasn’t controlled by the liberals, they actually reported things on both sides of the aisle.

Hart flatly denied the allegations and challenged the media to “follow him around” and see how boring his life was.  So, they did and they also did some snooping and out popped Donna Rice.  Hart and his wife denied that there was an affair and that this was a big misunderstanding designed to hurt his campaign.  Then the picture came out.  It showed Rice sitting on Hart’s lap holding his hand while he was wearing a shirt that had his yacht’s name, Monkey Business, on it.  His polls dropped in half overnight.  Hart got defensive and stayed in the campaign for a bit longer until the New Hampshire primary where he got SMASHED.  He withdrew the next day.

Cain flatly denies this allegation as well.  Of course he does!!  Should he come out and admit he has had this long affair, the nomination is lost and frankly his marriage may be lost as well.  He has nothing to lose by denying but everything to lose by confirming.  My common sense meter says where there is this much smoke there’s fire!!  By the same token,  I have no doubt that someone unleashed the hounds to find this information, these women just didn’t decide to clear their conscious by coming forward.  Whatever deals were made, we will more than likely never know.  Additionally, we most likely won’t ever know who set the hounds free as both republicans and democrats have a stake in his downfall.

At this moment, Cain told his campaign that he is re-assessing things.  He wants to wait to see how the polls come out before he makes his decision.  I have news for you Mr. Cain, your campaign is finished.


Obama vs. the Unions (united with the GOP)

There are very few times that the Unions are united with Republicans against the President.  If you are the President and you find that your base and your opposition are united against you, then perhaps you need to examine your strategy.  Perhaps you need to step aside as Lyndon Johnson did in 1968.  Clearly you don’t have the respect of anyone anymore.  But, when you run around preaching about creating jobs and then vanquish 20,000 good paying jobs in one fell swoop, you can expect a backlash.

In an act of supreme idiocy, the President has put off making a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline until 2013 after the election.  This is a 1,7oo mile pipeline from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico which would substantially reduce our dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East.  It would have created 20,000 jobs.

The unions are furious, “The administration chose to support environmentalists over jobs — job-killers win, American workers lose,” Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, said in a written statement.  Needless to say the Republicans are furious, “By punting on this project, the president has made clear that campaign politics are driving U.S. policy decisions — at the expense of American jobs,” House Speaker John Boehner said. TransCanada is furious and their CEO Russ Girling had this to say about the literal shovel-ready jobs, “If Keystone XL dies, Americans will still wake up the next morning and continue to import 10 million barrels of oil from repressive nations, without the benefit of thousands of jobs and long-term energy security.”

And business leaders through the United States Chamber of Commerce had this to say:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue issued the following statement today following the announcement by the State Department to delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline:

“I would like to express our strong disappointment with today’s news that the Administration intends to further delay a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline. In spite of extensive and positive studies from the State Department, this is clearly a political decision and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, it will immediately cost more than 20,000 Americans an opportunity to get a job working on the pipeline and hundreds of thousands more jobs in the future.

“Politics has trumped jobs in this decision and we can only wonder if the Administration’s delay will cause Canada to turn their pipeline west and ship their energy and American jobs elsewhere.

“The Keystone XL Pipeline has undergone a lengthy and thorough review process in which the State Department itself concluded that the proposed route was the best of the thirteen routes considered. The decision to delay the pipeline permit sends a signal to all Americans that even in the face of sustained high unemployment and instability overseas, jobs and energy security are not a priority.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.

In a nutshell the only people who are happy right now are the Environmentalists and a smattering of Hollywood elite like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Leonardo DiCaprio.  The last time I paid attention both of them had jobs and substantial wealth.  Ms. Louis- Dreyfus is worth $3 BILLION dollars.  That’s not a typo nor a joke.  She comes from wealth and has done very well for herself.  Mr. DiCaprio is worth a modest $200 million dollars by Louis-Dreyfus standards.  These are the people who made the decision for Obama by posting videos and speaking out.  He needs their money for his re-election.  We didn’t see their names on the ballot back in 2008 but they sure are running things now.  I would love to know how many jobs THEY have created!!!!

Currently in third position in the GOP race, Newt Gingrich immediately came out and said, “”Only days after we learned that at least 9 percent of Americans were unemployed for the 30th straight month, the president has made a decision that will only prolong this suffering,”  Threatening to make the pipeline a wedge issue in 2012, he vowed to “approve this project on the first day of my administration in 2013.”

That works for me!!





Debate Season in Full Swing

MSNBC hosted the Republican debate tonight.  I watched the entire debate and have resisted watching or listening to any political pundits in an effort to give you my unvarnished thoughts.

Let me first begin by saying that I felt the moderators, Brian Williams and someone I have never seen before, engaged in some unsavory tactics.  Clearly there was not equal time given to each candidate.  The moderators did their level best to pit Mitt Romney against Rick Perry.  They marginalized Herman Cain and Rick Santorium while using Michele Bachmann for filler and Ron Paul for shock value.  In my honest opinion, Brian Williams lost all credibility when he asked Perry “how he sleeps at night being the number one state in executions of criminals.”  Not one other candidate was asked about capital punishment.  I thought it was gauche.  The notion of non-partisan, professional journalism was obviously left at the door.  I understood right then and there why MSNBC has the cute nick-names of PMS-NBC and MSLSD.  Act foolishly and people will treat you like fools.

That’s enough of my rant.  Let’s visit and see what we can salvage out of this debate.  Despite not given equal time nor equal questions, the clear winner was Herman Cain.  He articulated his plan for economic growth in this country.  He calls it the 999 plan.  In a nutshell, it replaces the current tax code with a nine percent tax on corporate profits, personal income, and national retail sales.  I like the concept and am looking forward to hearing more from him.

Next, I give the 2nd in this debate to Next Gingrich.  He took the moderators to task for pitting Romney and Perry against each other, which I was thrilled with, and then went on to discuss his platform.  He was very presidential and showed decisive leadership skills when discussing illegal immigration and trusting the “boots on the ground” with regard to Iraq & Afghanistan.

Now for the men of the hour- Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney.  This was like watching a political cat fight.  The moderators did their best to keep it dramatic by saying such thoughtful things as “Mitt Romney once said..”  and “You are quoted as saying….”  But, they needn’t have worried.. in my honest opinion Perry didn’t come off well.  He seemed to struggle getting the words out and tripped over his tongue at least twice.  His worst blunder of the night was when he called Social Security a Ponzi scheme.  I can’t disagree with the point, but I don’t expect it to play well in Peoria.  As for Romney, he didn’t make any blunders, but he is staggering under the weight of his Massachusetts forced health care.  Romney is polished, well articulate and doesn’t show his emotions on his face.

As for the rest of the field, Michele Bachmann was steady and confident as she always is.  However, I don’t think she made any in-roads tonight which is unfortunate because she is steady, confident and politically honest.  Rick Santorum was uninspired and lacks the charisma to take his campaign to the next level.  John Huntsman, whose claim to fame is speaking fluent Mandarin and being the former ambassador to China, was ineffective and lacking real substance.  Lastly, Ron Paul.  The Congressman, is in a league of his very own.  He wants to legalize drugs to end the narco-terrorists coming into the country, close the Federal Reserve, and end all regulatory bodies of the Government.  I’ll just let all that speak for itself.

Here’s how I see the polls in the next coming days:

Romney:      Up
Perry:            Down
Bachmann:  Even
Cain:               Up
Santorum:   Down
Paul:               Even
Huntsman:   Even
Gingrich:      Even

Let me know what you saw tonight or didn’t see tonight.  Let’s keep the debate going.

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