Mohammed Yusef: Jose Pimentel: American Terrorist

“The only changes I noticed over the past two years was that he converted to the Muslim faith,” said Luis Severino.

Jose Pimentel, a United States citizen originally from the Dominican Republic, was arrested by the New York Police Department because he was ready to carry out a bombing campaign that targeted US troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, Post Offices and also Police stations.

Pimentel, who has taken the Islamic name Mohammed Yusef, was known as a quiet man, who helped the neighbours with their groceries.  Luis Severino, Pimentel’s uncle was shocked to learn of the bombing plot but did note that his nephew underwent changes after his conversion to Islam.

“It’s crazy,” said Isabel Yerkes, 24, who lives across the hallway from Mr. Pimentel’s apartment. “It’s shocking. You live four feet from people and you don’t know them. He was really quiet. He never said anything.”

In details that are beginning to unfold, Pimentel had assembled bomb making supplies from reading the Al-Qaeda magazine, Inspire.  He set up his own website which promoted violence and jihad against America.  Fortunately, he was on the radar of Law Enforcement Officials who had been watching him for the last year.  The arrest came quickly according to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly because he was ready to start bombing. “We had to act quickly yesterday because he was in fact putting this bomb together. He was drilling holes and it would have been not appropriate for us to let him walk out the door with that bomb,” Kelly said.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has so far, remained silent on this arrest.  They have not denounced Pimentel nor his radicalization on American soil.  However, they have targeted the FBI.  According to their website:

 At a press conference this morning outside FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., CAIR and the other groups expressed concerns about persistent reports that FBI agents are trained to view mainstream American Muslims with suspicion and to view the faith of Islam itself as the source of terrorism and extremism.

It is very difficult for me to have any sympathy for this ridiculous accusation given the violence we have been seeing from American Muslims.  Mayor Bloomberg in New York came out and said that in the years since 9-11, thirteen terror plots have been foiled thanks to the diligence of the American people and the hard work of law enforcement.  Following are some of those foiled plots which all have one thing in common.  They involve radicalized Muslims.

  • 2003: Brooklyn Bridge targeted: Columbus, Ohio resident Iyman Faris admitted to scouting locations for an al Qaeda attack on locations in New York, and planned to helped destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. Faris, a native of Kashmir who became a U.S. citizen in 1999, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
  • 2004:  Pakistani diplomat assassination threat: Kurdish refugee Yassin Muhiddin Aref and Mohammed Mosharref Hossain, co-founder of an Albany, N.Y. mosque, were arrested for money laundering in support of terrorism. They were captured in an FBI sting operation in which an informant promised to provide a shoulder-fired missile with which to assassinate a Pakistani diplomat at that country’s consulate in New York City. Aref and Hossain were sentenced to 15 years in prison, despite protests that they were framed by an FBI informant who arranged the fabricated purchase of the RPG-7 grenade launcher and the assassination scheme. The informant, a convicted felon, was secretly cooperating with federal prosecutors to reduce his own prison sentence on document fraud charges.
  • Subway station bomb plot: Shahawar Matin Siraj was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his part in a plot to bomb a N.Y.C. subway station the day before the 2004 Republican National Convention was to open, as revenge for wartime abuses of Iraqis. There was no proof he ever obtained explosives and was not linked to any terror organization. A friend of Siraj, James Elshafay, pled guilty and testified against his friend; the court released him.
  • Financial targets: In August 2004 seven men were arrested in a plot to destroy the New York Stock Exchange and Citicorp headquarters, among other financial landmarks in the U.S. and London. Dhiren Barot, the group’s leader who was described by Britain’s top anti-terrorist detective as “a long-term, dedicated, committed member of al Qaeda,” was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
  • 2006Hudson River tunnels: There men were arrested for allegedly plotting to destroy the PATH train tunnels in New York City in order to flood the city’s financial district. FBI Assistant Director Mark J. Mershon called the plot the “real deal” involving “martyrdom and explosives.”
  • Blowing up commercial airliners: In August 2006 U.K. law enforcement arrested 25 suspects in a plot to use liquid explosives to destroy several commercial airliners bound for the United States and Canada.
  • 2007: JFK Airport attack: In June 2007 four men – Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrahim, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur – were indicted for plotting to blow up jet fuel tanks at John F. Kennedy International Airport to avenge perceived U.S. oppression of Muslims around the world.
  • 2009: Synagogue bomb plot: In May 2009, in a case which invited criticism of the FBI, four men were arrested in New York City in an alleged plot to detonate a bomb outside a Jewish temple and fire rockets at U.S. military aircraft.Officials said the plot was infiltrated by a government informant who claimed to represent the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammaed and arranged to supply the would-be terrorists with fake explosives and an inoperable anti-aircraft missile.
  • WMD plot: Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan immigrant and airport driver in Colorado, was indicted for “conspiracy to use one or more weapons of mass destruction…within the United States.” Court papers said Zazi and others purchased “large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and acetone products from beauty supply stores in the Denver metropolitan area” over three months with the purpose of creating homemade explosives.
  • 2010: Times Square bomb attempt: On May 1, Pakistani immigrant Faisal Shahzad lit the fuse of a crude, homemade bomb packed in a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder parked in New York’s Times Square before fleeing on foot. He paused to listen for the explosion that never came. A street vendor spotted smoke coming from the SUV and alerted police, who cleared the area. Two days later Shahzad was taken off a plane bound for Dubai.
  • 2011: Saudi student: Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a Texas Tech chemical engineering student from Saudi Arabia, was accused of buying chemicals and equipment to build a weapon of mass destruction. Among the possible targets found in notes: Dams, nuclear plants, the Texas home of former President George W. Bush, and unspecified locations in New York City, which he visited.
  • Manhattan synagogue plot: In May 2001 Two men authorities called homegrown terrorists, one of whom complained that the world was treating Muslims “like dogs,” were arrested in a sting operation in New York City. Ahmed Ferhani, a 26-year-old of Algerian descent, and Mohamed Mamdouh, a 20-year-old of Moroccan descent, plotted to bomb a “major synagogue” in Manhattan and bought several weapons and an inert hand grenade from an undercover officer, Mayor Bloomberg said.  They were also said to have expressed interest in bombing the Empire State Building.
Once again, we find non-muslims being called out for prejudice.  It is exhausting for non-muslim Americans to find this “middle-ground” when we keep getting our trust broken by these radicals.  They don’t wear signs or colors to denote their radical beliefs in Americas destruction so we can’t discern who is radical and who is peaceful.  Indeed, Pimentel was considered to be a quiet, peaceful Muslim who helped others with their groceries while at the same time was devising a plan to kill as many innocents as he possibly could.  The American confusion continues.;contentBody


Obama vs. the Unions (united with the GOP)

There are very few times that the Unions are united with Republicans against the President.  If you are the President and you find that your base and your opposition are united against you, then perhaps you need to examine your strategy.  Perhaps you need to step aside as Lyndon Johnson did in 1968.  Clearly you don’t have the respect of anyone anymore.  But, when you run around preaching about creating jobs and then vanquish 20,000 good paying jobs in one fell swoop, you can expect a backlash.

In an act of supreme idiocy, the President has put off making a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline until 2013 after the election.  This is a 1,7oo mile pipeline from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico which would substantially reduce our dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East.  It would have created 20,000 jobs.

The unions are furious, “The administration chose to support environmentalists over jobs — job-killers win, American workers lose,” Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America, said in a written statement.  Needless to say the Republicans are furious, “By punting on this project, the president has made clear that campaign politics are driving U.S. policy decisions — at the expense of American jobs,” House Speaker John Boehner said. TransCanada is furious and their CEO Russ Girling had this to say about the literal shovel-ready jobs, “If Keystone XL dies, Americans will still wake up the next morning and continue to import 10 million barrels of oil from repressive nations, without the benefit of thousands of jobs and long-term energy security.”

And business leaders through the United States Chamber of Commerce had this to say:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue issued the following statement today following the announcement by the State Department to delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline:

“I would like to express our strong disappointment with today’s news that the Administration intends to further delay a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline. In spite of extensive and positive studies from the State Department, this is clearly a political decision and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, it will immediately cost more than 20,000 Americans an opportunity to get a job working on the pipeline and hundreds of thousands more jobs in the future.

“Politics has trumped jobs in this decision and we can only wonder if the Administration’s delay will cause Canada to turn their pipeline west and ship their energy and American jobs elsewhere.

“The Keystone XL Pipeline has undergone a lengthy and thorough review process in which the State Department itself concluded that the proposed route was the best of the thirteen routes considered. The decision to delay the pipeline permit sends a signal to all Americans that even in the face of sustained high unemployment and instability overseas, jobs and energy security are not a priority.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.

In a nutshell the only people who are happy right now are the Environmentalists and a smattering of Hollywood elite like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Leonardo DiCaprio.  The last time I paid attention both of them had jobs and substantial wealth.  Ms. Louis- Dreyfus is worth $3 BILLION dollars.  That’s not a typo nor a joke.  She comes from wealth and has done very well for herself.  Mr. DiCaprio is worth a modest $200 million dollars by Louis-Dreyfus standards.  These are the people who made the decision for Obama by posting videos and speaking out.  He needs their money for his re-election.  We didn’t see their names on the ballot back in 2008 but they sure are running things now.  I would love to know how many jobs THEY have created!!!!

Currently in third position in the GOP race, Newt Gingrich immediately came out and said, “”Only days after we learned that at least 9 percent of Americans were unemployed for the 30th straight month, the president has made a decision that will only prolong this suffering,”  Threatening to make the pipeline a wedge issue in 2012, he vowed to “approve this project on the first day of my administration in 2013.”

That works for me!!

Obama’s Newest Lie: Another Law Broken

While the media trips over themselves to bring down Herman Cain, Obama is free to quietly break United States law AGAIN.  The law is from 1984 and it forbids ANY US funding to ANY UN organization that supports the Palestinian declaration of statehood.  Apparently laws are only obeyed if they back your agenda because Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee announced that she would release the block on the security aid.  The first block is for $50 Million, the other is for $150 Million.  $200 Million dollars of YOUR money, that you worked so hard for, is going to go to the terrorist organization, the Palestinian Authority (AKA Hamas).

That’s not all the money that is up for grabs either.  It might interest you to know that Congress has already APPROVED $400 Million in civic assistance AND $1.5 BILLION for security needs.  That’s a laugh considering it is the PA through Hamas who bombs Israel day in and day out.  The bombs are not traveling the other way so why do they have security concerns?  Furthermore, what could WE do with $1.9 BILLION?  How about give it back to the taxpayers so we can start spurring some economic development?

An American official told The Jerusalem Post that “our assistance to the Palestinian people is an essential part of the US commitment to a negotiated two-state solution for Palestinians and Israelis, promoting a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

How absurd is that?  I have shown you all in previous posts that bombs and violence are being perpetrated upon Israel consistently each and every day.  The road to peace begins with Hamas and the PA being stripped of all of their weapons.  How many times must an impertinent child be allowed to hit you with their toys before you take the toys away?  Same idea on a much more dangerous large-scale.  In this case the toys of Hamas murder innocent victims.  And our President and his administration turn a blind eye to the bombings and killings while bending over backwards to pander to the Arabs.

As if it could not possibly get any worse, Obama and French President Sarkozy got caught on an open mike November 3rd at the G20 Summit:

“I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar,” Sarkozy told US President Barack Obama during a frank exchange where the US president took him to task for backing a Palestinian request for membership of the UN cultural heritage agency UNESCO.

You’re fed up, Obama responded, but I have to deal with it all day.

As you can well imagine, the Israelis are not impressed.  Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon came out publicly and stated, “I was embarrassed to read what Sarkozy thinks about our prime minister, and I was even more embarrassed to hear that the US President agrees with him,” Ben-Simon said.  “I am filled with shame that this is the way two of our greatest allies treat our prime minister,” he added. “I think this is the first time such comments have been publicized.”

I could not agree with him more.

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Palestinian Statehood: Obama’s Put Up or Shut Up

On Monday in Paris, UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organization granted full membership to the Palestinians bid for statehood.  The voting came down as you would expect, countries that stand with us voted against and those countries who don’t voted in favor.  There was one surprise however,  Britain abstained.  Canada, Germany and Holland voted no while Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa and France voted yes.  No real surprise on the French, as the old joke goes… the only time the French like the Americans is when the German Army is sitting in their cafes.  However, Great Britain is walking a fine line:

As a friend of both Israel and the Palestinian authority, Britain finds itself in a delicate position. But Britain is prepared to risk a rift with Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, by crossing one of his “red lines”. This is to vote at the UN general assembly in favour of the “Vatican option”. That would mark a major step for Britain because this would describe Palestine as a “state”.

It would seem that the terrorist attacks of 2005 and 2007 have been forgotten.  Hamas is a terrorist organization and supported the attacks.  But, now in 2010, it is fashionable to embrace extremism and ignore the warnings of the United States to pull funding.

The step will cost the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization one-quarter of its yearly budget — the 22 percent contributed by the United States (about $70 million) plus another 3 percent contributed by Israel. Unless that shortfall is made up by other nations, Unesco will have to begin closing offices and laying off staff.

Thanks to the Legislators from 1990 & 1994, US law mandates a complete cutoff of American funding to ANY United Nations organization that accepts the Palestinians as full members.  The State Department has made clear that there is no wiggle room in this legislation or any waivers, so in theory we will not be giving them any money.  I say in theory, primarily because this administration has a history of ignoring US law (Operation Fast & Furious, the bombing of Libya, Obamacare).

To me the idiocy of the situation is quite clear.  As cheers erupted at the UN when UNESCO approved full membership, bombs were being dropped on Israel.  A terrorist squad that fired a Qassam rocket at Israel from southern Gaza Strip was targeted by an IAF aircraft. A direct hit was confirmed.

As a matter of fact, I have shown the constant bombing of Israel from the Palestinians in my last blog about this process.  Since that time, the bombings have continued with no visible sign of lessening.  As Abbas advocates non-violence and being a part of the peace process, the people he is leading have quite a different view.

October 4 – Two Grad rockets were fired from northern Gaza towards Israel

October 11 – A Qassam rocket was fired from the northern Gaza Strip and exploded near the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council.

October 26 – A Grad rocket fired from Gaza landed in an open territory in the Be’er Tuvia Regional Council on Wednesday night.

October 29-Four rockets were fired at Ashdod, hitting near a residental building and injuring a man.

A rocket was fired at Gav Yavne, injuring a 50 years old man in his lower limbs.[262][263][264][265] 

Two mortar shells were fired at Eshkol Regional Council.[266] 

A mortal shell was fired at Bnei Shimon Regional Council.[267] 

A rocket exploded in Merhavim Regional Council.[268]  

A rocket fired at Be’er Sheba was intercepted by the Iron Dome Defense system.[269]  

A rocket hit the city of Ashkelon.

Two mortar shells hit Eshkol Regional Council.[270]

One rocket hit an apartment building in Ashkelon, killing a 56 year-old civilian.

October 30 – Twelve rockets were fired into Israel since midnight. None of them caused casualties.

I read a post somewhere that said, when the Palestinians want peace they are the Palestinian Authority, when the Palestinians bomb people and blow themselves up, they are Hamas.  So, it’s tough to tell who is Palestinian and who is Hamas.  One thing is abundantly clear however, it is the cause du jour to think of the PA as friends and to turn a blind eye to the death and destruction they cause.  The West seems to be falling all over itself to prove how “open-minded” and “multi-cultural” it is.  While this sycophancy and denial of violence is going on, the American flag was burned at our embassy on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11,  the Palestinians pledged to back Afghanistan against the United States if it comes to that, and bombs rain down on Israel like passing showers.

And in the midst of all this confusion is Obama.  Great Britain has made her decision.  She doesn’t support us but doesn’t want to make us or the PA mad.  Obama, whose one saving grace in all this, is legislatures has the foresight to put into law a defunding clause in case the worst case scenario should occur.  This is the one time he should be THRILLED to blame a decision on someone else.  He will be able to maintain a strong stance and not take responsibility at the same time.

For more information:

American Muslims: Why Americans are Confused

Freedom of Religion in this country means we do not have a nationalized religion that we subscribe to.  Americans are very tolerant of all faiths.  Indeed we have the Signs Followers of West Virginia, thousands of other Christian variations, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and the occasional outer space alien followers.  The beauty of it is practiced all around the nation in various places specifically set aside for those religious denominations.  This also includes Islam.  There are mosques throughout the country and no law banning your clothing as they have in France.  So, tell me then, why you would attend a Roman Catholic University and be offended at their Religious Symbolism.  I know that Muslims believe in Jesus and recognize that he was crucified, so why does the cross offend you?  In other words, what gives you the right to dictate to another religion what they can and can not do in their own house.

How about this.  There is a Muslim school in Virginia called the Islamic Saudi Academy.  What if I send my child to your school and then complain that he is learning about the Koran.  And then I tell the Principle or Head Master that I want a chapel so that my child can attend Mass and take Communion everyday.  Pretty silly isn’t it?  The same holds true for the Catholic University.  Freedom of Religion ends were my nose begins.  There are plenty of schools all across this nation that have Muslim Student Associations and they have places of worship on campus to honor the five times a day prayers.  So, why are you shaking the tree of a PRIVATE SCHOOL with a radically different denomination than yours?  Why must they give you special privileges when it is YOUR CHOICE to go to a CATHOLIC SCHOOL?

This is certainly a case of shoving your religion down our throats.  And this is when we get upset.  We have dealt with the shooting at Ft. Hood, the shooting at the Little Rock recruiters office, Anwar Al-Awlaki and other American Muslims who somehow became radicalized and began murdering people.  We also have to listen to Louis Farrakhan tell us that there will be a blowback over Kaddhfi’s death.  Yet, you all wonder why we are nervous around you.  Isn’t it obvious, these people are Americans too who are killing us and wishing us death in the name of Islam.  Juan Williams, a journalist, was fired from NPR for speaking the truth:

“I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they’re identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”

I think overall most Americans understand that.  Who would have thought a Major in the United States Army would become radicalized and murder other servicemen.  Who would expect a child to grow up here in this country and become one of the biggest Al-Qaeda terrorists?  And then, I think the greatest insult of all was building a Mosque at Ground Zero coupled with the burning of the American Flag at the US Embassy in London.  That sure wasn’t very sensitive.  Once again, we are being bullied to accept your religion.  We are not bullies in this country and we resent those that are.  We get especially upset when we are told that those that are in this country are just like everyone else when they pick up guns and start shooting.  And then they FORCE their religion or agenda at traditional Catholic Schools and at Ground Zero.

The biggest problem is that the Muslims in this country who are here to build a better life and to just live their lives stay silent when outrageous things happen.  Stand up and condemn the actions of those who are ruining your reputation.  Take to the streets and have marches condemning the violence here and abroad.  Your silence keeps you lumped in with the radicals.  TLC is premiering a new show called “All-American Muslim.”  My hope for them, is that they do stand up and say no to the radical agenda that they have been swept up in.,2933,524799,00.html

We Can’t Take Care of Our Homeland so Let’s Send Troops to Uganda

Once again, I am deeply disgusted by another decision made by Obama.  It’s not enough that we have a major situation occurring in Afghanistan followed by problems in Iraq, now we need to insert our big nose into a civil issue in the small country of Uganda, Africa.  As of today, Obama committed 100 troops into the war-torn area to find the leaders of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army).  Specifically to isolate Joseph Kony and either bring him in or neutralize.  Additionally, troops will be sent into the Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

This is a 20-year-old conflict and to date the LRA  has behaved unrestrained by other African Troops.  I have found no reason what changed the dynamics requiring us to join the fray,  perhaps it was Obama’s brother in Kenya that lobbied for US troops.  Kony has survived this 20 year campaign, so I would suspect he is very good at what he does.  What has really outraged me to no end is that the bulk of the LRA’s combat fighting troops are CHILDREN:

The government of Uganda claims that the LRA has only 500 or 1,000 soldiers in total, but other sources estimate that there could be as many as 3,000 soldiers, along with about 1,500 women and children.[1] The bulk of the soldiers fighting for the LRA are children. According to Livingstone Sewanyana, executive director of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, Yoweri Museveni was the first to use child soldiers in this conflict.[32] Since the LRA first started fighting in 1987 they may have forced well over 10,000 boys and girls into combat, often killing family, neighbors and school teachers in the process.[33]

Many of these children were put on the front lines so the casualty rate for these children has been high. They have often used children to fight because they are easy to replace by raiding schools or villages.[34] The soldiers are organized into independent brigades of 10 or 20 soldiers.[1] Sudan has provided military assistance to the LRA, in response to Uganda lending military support to the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.

We are going to put our fighting troops in a war zone where the children do the killing.  I have no doubt that the children have been “desensitized” in their “training camps” so that they are hardened, battle-tested killers.  However, psychologically, Americans are not programmed to kill children.  We place high value on a child’s life and to take that life in combat will have devastating consequences for our troops in terms of Post Traumatic Stress disorder.  Now, the administration was quick to point out that:

“although the U.S. forces are combat-equipped, they will only be providing information, advice, and assistance to partner nation forces, and they will not themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense.”

I would have to say that since we are only sending in a limited number of troops, odds are pretty high that they will have to engage in hostilities.  This feels to me like another failed mission:  Somalia.  How can this situation get better?  Well, Uganda is NOT the only country we will be trampling through:

They will ultimately go to Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the permission of those countries.

As for how long the US troops will be in the region, a spokesman at US Africa Command says he could not provide specifics, “but our forces are prepared to stay as long as necessary to enable regional security forces to carry on independently.”

Isn’t that what we are doing in Iraq as well? Enabling the locals to be able to provide for their own defense?  That doesn’t seem to be really working out for us so I guess we will try it someplace else.  This also doesn’t come cheaply, we have already sent in $40 Million for equipment and training.  At a time when our nation is in a critically bad economy we are once again committing troops for an unclear mission for an indefinite period of time.  Wasn’t it Obama who complained that we didn’t have an “exit strategy” for Iraq?  Well, looks like he doesn’t have an “exit strategy” for this mess either.  Once again, we are nation building and sending our troops where they don’t belong.  This civil war is not effecting us and it’s clearly none of our business as we have no vital interests in the area.  Plus, it’s been allowed to rage for over 20 years, why commit our troops now in the midst of economic collapse?  Perhaps it’s to take the heat off of Operation Fast & Furious or the Solyndra mess.

Regardless of the reason, this is another destined to fail idea from a President who is incompetent.  Check your paycheck stubs everybody, as you see the amounts taken in taxes, know they are going to a small part of the world to engage in a gruesome civil war that has no effect on us either way.’s_Resistance_Army

If you have asthma stop ruining the environment

Everyday when I wake up and get a cup of coffee, I take some time and peruse the news.  Lately there has been no shortage of absurdities.  In addition to putting big weapons in the hands of drug cartels, shutting down medical marijuana to the sick and making fake green employers (Solyndra), the Obama administration is now pulling all the over-the-counter medication for asthmatics.

This maneuver will force asthmatics to purchase medication through prescription only which is considerably more expensive.  When you factor in the cost of going to the doctors on a regular basis to get your refills the costs really begins to soar.  Perhaps this is how Obama intends to get everyone on ObamaCare.  If we can no longer access OTC’s and we cannot afford to see a regular doctor monthly plus trying to afford the prescription inhalers, then we have little choice but to get on the program for socialized medicine.

Speaking as someone who does have asthma, I find this appalling.  Asthmatic attacks have  the potential to be fatal if medication or medical attention are not administered in time.  So, the administration is deliberating denying access to affordable emergency medication under the rationalization of “saving the environment.”  At issue is the use of CFC’s (Chloroflourocarbons) as the propellant to get the medication into the lungs quickly.   Asthmatic inhalers are the latest intrusion by the United Nations.  Obama has capitulated to International pressures trying to “protect the earth.”  Truthfully, the science regarding global warming is iffy at best.  I believe in climate change, but as a trained scientist, I don’t subscribe to this notion that humans are causing global warming.  It’s been the biggest scam ever thought of and has made people like Al Gore very rich men.  The amount of CFC’s that are produced by these life saving inhalers is an insignificant amount when compared to a very active volcano.  In fact, all of our emissions are insignificant when compared to nature itself.  And you can’t control nature.

Politicians who bow to the demands of the world’s climate alarmists have long sought various means of reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions. To date, the measures they have proposed have been rather mundane, focusing primarily on reducing emissions associated with one’s household activities and transportation habits. For example, we have been encouraged to replace our incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient ones. We’ve also been asked to participate in municipal recycling programs, to drive less, to car pool or to utilize public transportation.

As the government has intruded on all of our lives, why not push for mandated healthcare in the name of the environment.  In other words, we can’t destroy the environment so you will have to get some kind of insurance if you want to live.  This is completely ludicrous and I am so tired of doing what the rest of the world wants so they will like us.  I don’t care if France or Indonesia or Norway like us.  They sure like our money and they sure like our military support.  It’s time we took our sovereignty back and began worrying about our own citizens.

Of course, this environmental balderdash might just be one be cover up for big pharma giving massive political donations to Obama’s re-election campaign.  There is much more profit in asthmatics using prescription meds rather than OTC’s.   Whatever Obama’s motivation is clearly it is not in the best interest of Americans.

The new rules by the FDA will have no effect on jobs, but will wind up being very costly to many of the low-income folks who rely on OTC inhalers to treat their Asthma.

Is this really the time to force poor Americans to stop treating their symptoms if a prescription and doctor visit are beyond their reach when a cheap and safe OTC alternative is widely available?  This rule will result in a reduced quality of life for many working class Americans.  I know people who suffer from moderate Asthma but cannot afford regular doctors visits and prescription medication.  I suppose the only solution for them will be to stop living so much.

As I have been watching and reading the news today, I have noticed that there are very few segments on this story.  It would seem the mainstream media is putting this on the back burner or it is just getting buried with the other scandals that are developing.  So, I am hoping my readers will pass along this link and get the information out.  This is an outrage and needs to be told.  We need to put the pressure on this administration to stop this kind of nonsense.

Continue reading on Obama administration bans Asthma inhalers to protect the environment – National Law and Politics |

Scandal Updates 10-3-11

Given the amount of scandals that we are following here at Coffee N Chat, I thought it would be a good idea to have a progress update every so often.  That should help us all stay on the same page.  For those who are reading just the updates, please see my previous blog entries for the full, unvarnished truth.


Emails released today prove conclusively that California investor and Obama fundraiser Steve Westly informed Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett to keep the President from visiting Solyndra.  Westly wrote to Jarrett and had this to say, ““A number of us are concerned that the president is visiting Solyndra.  “Many of us believe the company’s cost structure will make it difficult for them to survive long-term. . . . I just want to help protect the president from anything that could result in negative or unfair press.”  That was in May 2010 well before the company collapsed.  This would not be the biggest deal in the world if Obama didn’t give an interview with George Stephanopoulos this afternoon in which he said  “Now there are going to be some failures, hindsight is always 20/20,” the president added about being warned about Solyndra’s financial problems. “It went through the normal review process and people thought this was a good bet.” No Mr. President, they didn’t think it was a safe bet.  


As I am watching the news right now, William La Jeunesse has just broken the story that Eric Holder- Department of Justice- has been identified with Operation Fast & Furious at least 5 months BEFORE he testified before congress.  During his testimony when he was asked how long he knew about O.F.F.  he said,”I have only heard of the program over the last few weeks.”  Now we have conclusive evidence of emails from Lanny Breuer to Eric Holder in July 2010 when he was informed that 1500 guns were supplied to the Mexican cartels through straw purchases and another email dated Oct 18, 2010 that prosecutors were ready to go ahead with indictments.   At this point, the DOJ is trying to tell us that Holder receives many emails a week and doesn’t read them all.  Perhaps the emails went missing because of the Bush administration, or maybe the Tsunami.  In litigation there is the common principle that ignorance is not excuse for the law and make no mistake, there were many laws broken in this case.  There is also a principle called “willful blindness” which means that you should have known and you could have asked, but you chose NOT to.  There is also the fifth grade excuse of the dog ate my homework.  I wonder which one of these, ignorance, willful blindness, or hungry canine applies here.


In two weeks the United Nations will give us their analysis of the Palestinian application.


A federal judge has dismissed one of two lawsuits regarding the right of citizenship for the descendants of black slaves.

U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy in Washington ruled that a lawsuit brought by the slaves’ descendants alleging that about 2,800 freedmen were disenfranchised in violation of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Treaty of 1866 could not proceed because the tribe was not a defendant in the case and couldn’t be compelled to abide by the court’s ruling.

The other lawsuit which the Cherokee Nation had against another group of Freedmen was transferred back to the federal court in Tulsa at its initial filling.  The argument there was that federal statutes modified the 1866 treaty to the extent that it no longer gave the Freedman rights to citizenship.

Both are wins for the Cherokee Nation.

Operation Fast and Furious; Wrong and Deadly

On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was gunned down in a fire fight that took place in an unforgiving Arizona border area.  He was shot in the back by an illegal alien with an AK-47.  On February 15, 2011, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent Jaime Zapata was gunned down inside Mexico by one of the weapons used in the Terry murder.  What began as unrelated tragedies, is now unfolding into a gross manipulation of our laws, in an attempt to manufacture chaos, whose tentacles reach to the most hollowed of all places:  the White House.

Think back to 2009 when suddenly members of the Obama administration came out with the most shocking statistic that 90% of American guns end up in Mexico.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the statement to reporters while on her way to Mexico City.  Then, Senator Diane Feinstein got involved when she commented, “It is unacceptable to have 90 percent of the guns that are picked up in Mexico and used to shoot judges, police officers and mayors … come from the United States.”  Then the big announcement from William Hoover assistant director for field operations at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), who went and testified before the House of Representatives that “there is more than enough evidence to indicate that over 90 percent of the firearms that have either been recovered in, or interdicted in transport to Mexico, originated from various sources within the United States.”

The gun-control lobby went nuts.  They wanted legislation enacted and policies to be reversed to do something about all the murder and mayhem that guns cause.  They thought they had the golden ticket to advance their agenda of making law-abiding citizens prey to criminals who don’t care about laws.  Two very important truths came to light when they began screeching.  The first was that while Americans don’t want murder and mayhem, it was hard for them to be sympathetic to the narco-terrorists dying in Mexican streets while they were unemployed and the economy was tanking  and the Second more important truth was, that it was a LIE.

In all actuality, only 17% of American guns wind up in Mexico.  The BATFE, found that many of the serial numbers and weapons come from foreign sources.  To the tune of 83%!!!  Once it was proven that the statistics didn’t back up the lie, it was time to make the lie back up the statistics.

The Department of Justice, utilizing the BATFE, put together half-witted and poorly executed operation.  The operation was called GUNRUNNER.  As a part of Gunrunner, Operation FAST & FURIOUS was concocted.  Officially, the operation was to track and possibly uncover smuggling operations so they could be extinguished.  Additionally, the DOJ  expected some of the guns to be delivered to Mexican narco-terrorists which could provide information on the cartels.

However, what really happened is that our federal government PURPOSEFULLY allowed those suspected gun smugglers to purchase weapons at licensed firearms dealers in Arizona.  Not only did the government agents allow the purchases, but they failed to intercept the smugglers and failed to recover the guns that were purchased!!!!  Of the 2,000 weapons that were sold through straw purchases and proxy deals, only 600 have been recovered.

We would have no knowledge of this mess except for the courageous agent who came forward.  Special Agent Vince Cefalu was stationed at the Dublin, California location when he stepped into the limelight and blew the whistle on this mess.  Right before he was fired, he gave an interview in which he stated, “Simply put, we knowingly let hundreds of guns and dozens of identified bad guys go across the border.”  When Cefalu came forward with his information, a number of other agents who had first-hand knowledge of the operation also came forward.

Congressional hearings soon followed and thanks to the dedication of Rep. Daniel Issa and Sen. Charles Grassley we now have a much better picture of what did happen.  Here are their findings:

  • DOJ and ATF inappropriately and recklessly relied on a 20-year old ATF Order to allow guns to walk. DOJ and ATF knew from an early date that guns were being trafficked to the DTOs  (Drug Trafficking Organizations) .
  • ATF agents are trained to “follow the gun” and interdict weapons whenever possible.  Operation Fast and Furious required agents to abandon this training.
  • DOJ relies on a narrow, untenable definition of gunwalking to claim that guns were never walked during Operation Fast and Furious. Agents disagree with this definition,  acknowledging that hundreds or possibly thousands of guns were in fact walked.
  • DOJ’s  misplaced reliance on this definition does not change the fact that it knew that ATF could have interdicted thousands of guns that were being trafficked to Mexico, yet chose to do nothing.
  •  ATF agents complained about the strategy of allowing guns to walk in Operation Fast and Furious. Leadership ignored their concerns. Instead, supervisors told the agents to “get with the program” because senior ATF officials had sanctioned the operation.
  •  Agents knew that given the large numbers of weapons being trafficked to Mexico, tragic results were a near certainty.
  •  Agents expected to interdict weapons, yet were told to stand down and “just surveil.”  Agents therefore did not act. They watched straw purchasers buy hundreds of weapons illegally and transfer those weapons to unknown third parties and stash houses.
  • Operation Fast and Furious contributed to the increasing violence and deaths in Mexico.  This result was regarded with giddy optimism by ATF supervisors hoping that guns recovered at crime scenes in Mexico would provide the nexus to straw purchasers in Phoenix.
  • Every time a law enforcement official in Arizona was assaulted or shot by a firearm, ATF agents in Group VII had great anxiety that guns used to perpetrate the crimes may trace back to Operation Fast and Furious.  (Including the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords).
  • Jaime Avila was entered as a suspect in the investigation by ATF on November 25, 2009, after purchasing weapons alongside Uriel Patino, who had been identified as a suspect in October 2009. Over the next month and a half, Avila purchased 13 more weapons, eachrecorded by the ATF in its database within days of the purchase. Then on January 16, 2010, Avila purchased three AK-47 style rifles, two of which ended up being found at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. The death of Border Agent Brian Terry was likely a preventable tragedy.
  • Phoenix ATF Special Agent in Charge (SAC) William Newell’s statement that the indictments represent the take-down of a firearms trafficking ring from top to bottom, and his statement that ATF never allowed guns to walk are incredible, false, and a source of much frustration to the agents.
  • Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, DOJ continues to deny that Operation Fast and Furious was ill-conceived and had deadly consequences.

As if all of that is not horrific enough, at no time was the government in Mexico informed of this plan.   The Mexican government had NO KNOWLEDGE that it was about to be flooded with illegally purchased guns with the go-ahead from the United States Government. Some of those AK-47’s that the BATFE allowed to “walk” over to Mexico was found in the possession of the killer of Mario Gonzalez, who was the brother of a state prosecutor.  He was tortured and forced to make a video tape confession that his sister was “on the take.”  At this point, the unconfirmed death toll in Mexico is 150 people.

Marisela Morales is the Attorney’s General in Mexico.  She had been a longtime supporter of U.S. policy and law enforcement.  However, having learned of Operation Fast and Furious through news reports, she is cooled towards our government.  She is quoted as saying, “At no time did we know or were we made aware that there might have been arms trafficking permitted.  In no way would we have allowed it, because it is an attack on the safety of Mexicans.”  Things got a bit more telling in her interview:

Morales said she did not want to draw conclusions before the outcome of U.S. investigations, but that deliberately letting weapons “walk” into Mexico — with the intention of tracing the guns to drug cartels — would represent a “betrayal” of a country enduring a drug war that has killed more than 40,000 people. U.S. agents lost track of hundreds of weapons under the program.

To further complicate our relationship with the Mexican government, Patricia Gonzalez, the State Prosecutor for Chihuahua and the sister of murdered Mario Gonzalez, had much more to say, “The basic ineptitude of these officials [who ordered the Fast and Furious operation] caused the death of my brother and surely thousands more victims,”  Indeed, we now know that a helicopter carrying Mexican Federal police was fired upon by a .50 caliber rifle that was a part of the “walk.”  The bullets from that rifle pierced the fuselage and the armor reinforced windshield.  Three Federal agents were wounded.

Fast and Furious weapons have also been linked to other high-profile shootings. On May 24, a helicopter ferrying Mexican federal police during an operation in the western state of Michoacan was forced to land after bullets from a powerful Barrett .50-caliber rifle pierced its fuselage and armor-reinforced windshield. Three officers were wounded.

Emails that are now being released coupled with the congressional testimony is quite clear that American Officials deliberately concealed the operation and fall out from Mexico’s government.   Darren Gil, the acting ATF attache in Mexico City, said that he contacted U.S. officials on briefing the Mexican government however, he was met with silence.  In his testimony before congress he stated, “They were afraid that I was going to either brief the ambassador or brief the government of Mexico officials on it.”

On Friday, September 30th, the White House very quietly released emails that show a conclusive link between Bill Newell and White House National Security Staffer Kevin O’Reilly.  O’Reilly is not longer in that position, however emails show they also spoke on the phone and were long time friends.  The White House is trying to spin this mess and say they had no knowledge of the operation or any fallout that it caused.  Even though Eric Holder has been caught in the cloud of suspicion.

It is absolutely time for a Special Prosecutor to be called so a grand jury can be convened and people can be sworn to the truth.  While I don’t have the proof, it is my opinion that this whole mess was contrived so the debate about gun control could ratchet up again.  In this country, gun control means that the bad guys can prey more readily on the law-abiding citizens.

Finally, on a related note, the family of Brian Terry has retained a prominent Phoenix lawyer, Lincoln Combs in a possible lawsuit against the government.  At this time, Combs has been watching the proceedings in congress and also in the change in personnel.  “All we know is that this (the abrupt leaving of Kenneth Melson of BATFE and U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke) doesn’t bring us any closer to justice for the people involved in Brian’s murder,” Combs said. “Or to any answers from the government as to Operation Fast and Furious and their role in Brian’s killers obtaining the weapons they used to kill him.”  When he was questioned if Burke is being set up as the scapegoat for higher up government officials like Eric Holder Combs had this to say, “Obviously, we feel like he (Burke) had some role in what happened.  But we don’t know to what extent,” he continued. “So we certainly have no idea if he’s a scapegoat or what the political forces are at work.”  No doubt this will eventually result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Read more:;contentBody

The Heroes of the Reno Air Race Crash

It goes without saying that the men and women who work as fire personnel, police and first responders are the unsung heroes of any disaster.  This was most especially true last week in Reno, NV.  The Galloping Ghost, a WWII-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane, crashed into the VIP section Friday sending shrapnel flying in all directions.  The debris field covered between 2 and 3 acres of tarmac.  Fortunately, the jet fuel didn’t explode.  However, there were many hurt and some were hurt fatally.

What I remember most of the accident, as I watching it live right after the crash, is how the people of this area pulled together.  Approximately 100 people in the stands who were trained medical professionals, immediately left their seats and went to the injured and dying.  The people who didn’t have medical attention rushed to help the professionals carry litters, hold bandages and whatever else was asked of them.

Within minutes, there were 700 emergency responders coming onto the scene.  Some of those responders had been the first to arrive at the Carson City IHOP Shooting just a week prior to this tragedy.  Civilians began breaking down the VIP boxes to be used as tourniquets with larger pieces covering up body parts.

As helicopters began to arrive, two civilian pilots noticed a vintage Vietnam era helicopter on display.  They realized that it could fly so they put the tires on it and began flying the critical to area hospitals.  The doctors and nurses who came from the stands, rode in the ambulances and in the helicopters to the hospital so they could continue working.  Medical personnel from all around the area who immediately heard of the disaster, left their days off and went to their respective hospitals to go to work.  Even those who had already left worked for the day, came charging back.

The crowds, who you would expect to be hysterical and running, were very much calm and orderly.  Everyone was doing the very best they could to help each other.  For those who were injured but ambulatory, the stranger that was sitting next to them before the crash became the friend who helped them walk to help.

“This happened so fast, there was just a sense of shock. But people were very calm. You know, they didn’t know me. They came, held my hand, told me I was going to be all right,” Noah Joraanstad, a 25-year-old commercial airline pilot from Anchorage, Alaska, told The Associated Press from his hospital bed at Northern Nevada Medical Center in Sparks. “They walked into a scene where people were amputated, whatever, and just carnage everywhere, and they decided to help. To me, those were the real heroes.”

Because we live in a tourist area with many large events every year, our people here train and train and train for disasters.  They run drills, they work mock situations and then do corrective errors when they are done.   Because we are Northern Nevadans we have a strong sense of community and neighbors.  People don’t get into your business here because that’s the Western way, but if you need help, we will move mountains to get you and your family what you need.

It is unfortunate that today we lost the 11th victim of this tragedy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends.  But, if it wasn’t for the unselfish gestures of those involved, it would have been much, much greater.


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