There is Work to be Done so Obama bails to Asia

Seems to me that each and every time there are critical issues up for debate, Obama goes on vacation or heads overseas.  As past is prelude, the budget battle has long last come to debate and he is off to Asia.  He will make a stop in Hawaii (naturally), head to Australia (where he can commiserate with their exceptionally unpopular, leftist, Prime Minister Gillard), and then move on to Indonesia.  I suppose we could call this “Obama’s visiting home” tour.

The official White House statement is that he is headed out to highlight U.S.-Asian economic ties and the long-standing U.S. role in the region’s security.  How convenient that it coincides with the Congressional deadline on the budget.  Once again, the threats of government shutdown and credit rating downgrades loom overhead.  The American people will finally see if this 12 person “super committee” found the 1.2 trillion that needs to be cut.  Call me jaded, but I will be shocked if there is consensus and negotiations go smoothly.  Admittedly gridlock has been good for the country in that without it, we would be on the line for another huge stimulus package, the “pass this if you love me” jobs bill.

I recognize that traveling overseas is a very important part of being a President and that there is an agenda that he will be fulfilling.  However, in reality, there is nothing more important than what is happening here at home.  Our country is at a total standstill and Americans are fed up with politics as usual.  Clearly the administration has nothing new to bring to the table insofar as creating jobs is concerned.  They are so far out of their depths and watching amateur hour is nauseating.

About the only thing that Obama does well is campaign and spend the taxpayers money.  And the last 3 weeks or so he has been in his zone.  Traveling around the country in contrived sadness for our plight has barely concealed his campaigning.  And now we can pony up the taxpayer money for him to go home to Hawaii and Indonesia with a quick stop in Oz where he and Gillard can open up some Fosters and compare their sinking poll numbers.

Lyndon Johnson at least had the courage and class to admit he was in over his head when he decided not to run for re-election.


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