Romney & Huntsman: “Mormonistic” Distraction

I am not a Mormon but I am really annoyed to see all this nonsense about Romney and Huntsman’s religion. With regard to that pastor who said that Mormons are not true Christians, I have to say that if the members of LDS did not believe in Jesus Christ, why in the world would they be called The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints. It was a ridiculous statement to make and all it has done is give him 15 minutes of fame (maybe fill his collection plates more) and turn the discussion away from the important issues.  Freedom of Religion in this country guarantees that both men can sit in whatever pew they wish.  If this election was about electing  a theocratic head of state, then we could all discuss the merits and idiosyncrasies of each person’s faith.  But, this isn’t that kind of election and we will never be that kind of country.  Supposedly we left that behind in the 1600’s.

This country is in the deep weeds right now.  We need leaders who are economically and fiscally sound to get us out of this mess.  Their religion or faith will not be what leads us back to economic prosperity.  It’s their vision and education that will stimulate small businesses and get the wheels going again.  We need someone who can stop spending and lower the tax burdens on small businesses.  In general matters of faith do not address this issues.  Jesus was not concerned which economic school of thought was better.  Jesus was all about how you interact with others and how to find God in your life.

From my perspective, all this hoopla over religions and the candidates seems to be very media driven.  I say that because according to the website All about Mormons:

In the United States the LDS Church is the 4th largest individual denomination with over 5.5 million members, a population about equal to the number of Muslims.

Given the numbers of Mormons living in the United States, just about all of us know someone who is and recognize that they are not in a cult.  Assuredly, their faith is very private and ordinarily not all out on display, but that makes them seemingly exclusive not nefarious.  And I believe that most Americans are not interested in a candidate’s faith, but rather how are we going to fix this mess.  So, this is just a media distraction to keep people worrying about issues that are not issues.  Perhaps, the mainstream is fearful that Romney can beat Obama, so they are trying a sneak attack and that pastor just fell into their hands.

We here in America can change this dialogue as well.  Put pressure on the mainstream media to shut up about religion and talk about clear concise plans on how we get things moving again.  I want to know what Romney’s plan is, in graphic detail.   I would be interested in Huntsman’s plan if he looked like he was going anywhere.  Sadly, his debate performance is lackluster and just because you speak a dialect of Chinese doesn’t make you an economics wizard.  Don’t give in to the distraction, we all need to stay the course.

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