Nose Jobs out of his Apartment

So over coffee one day, you and your friend get started talking and you mention that her nose looks great.  She is thrilled with the results and can’t wait to tell you about Dr. X.  As you inquire a bit more you find out that this doctor is performing plastic surgery out of his apartment along with vasectomies and breast augmentation.  In other words, there is something for everyone!

This is just the newest problem to come to light regarding illegal immigration.  Most often, the doctor is licensed in Mexico or South America but is unable to get his/her license in the states.  Conversely, illegals who want or need surgery will seek out these services so that their immigration status doesn’t get revealed.  The Nevada State Health Doctor, Dr. Tracey Green is warning of these underground services, “This is happening more than we’d like to know,” Green said.  “We’ve seen three to five incidents in the last seven months across the state. Our No. 1 concern is that you have the right to ask if someone is a licensed doctor, and if the procedure is performed in a home or facility that is not a medical facility, you are in great risk and should not receive services.”

Indeed, our neighbour to the south, Las Vegas is watching the trial of a woman who died after receiving an injection of gel to enhance her buttocks.  The “office” for the procedure was in the back of a tile store.  2 people have been charged with 2nd-degree murder and practicing medicine without a license.

The doctor who was working out of his apartment here in the Sparks area charged full price for his services and demanded the payment in cash.  The fake doctor “talks to everyone he runs into” to solicit his services, Green said.“They can be workers or people who live next-door,” she said. “Wherever he goes he offers some kind of service.”

For me, the idea of having surgery anywhere other than in a hospital with a full staff of medical professionals seems just a bit crazy to me.  I can’t imagine anyone thinking that is a good idea.  However, it must be very profitable because people are sure dying to get in on the deal.


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