Crime Really Doesn’t Pay or Really Dumb Criminals

You are at your home in California and have managed to be smart enough to amass a large quantity of Cocaine.  You are also smart enough to realize that your ROI (Return on Investment) will be much better back east.  Using mapquest or some other clever search site, you map out your route.  You even go so far as to rent a car to keep everything hidden.  All this planning, conniving, and hustling comes down to this crucial moment,  the discussion of who all is going and who is going to drive.

In a flash, all your brains abandon you and it seems like a really good idea to drive the route yourself, forgetting that your driver’s license is revoked.  You also seemed to have forgotten that your companion/girlfriend is not good in a pinch.

This is the story of how a routine traffic stop in Colorado turned into a major cocaine bust.  As the story goes, Mark Bailey and Lisa Calderon, packed the trunk of a rental car with 220 pounds of Cocaine worth over $10 Million.  They left California for the more lucrative market of Iowa traveling a very familiar stretch of highway known to Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) as a drug-smuggling corridor (Interstate 25).

Outside of Pueblo, Colorado, Bailey made an illegal lane change in front of an off-duty LEO.  The off-duty called a patrol car and Bailey was pulled over.  It was at that time, that the LEO realized that Bailey’s license had been revoked.  When questioned about his direction of travel, Bailey informed the LEO that he owns a body shop in California and was on his way to Iowa to look at a classic ’55 Chevy.

It was around that time that the LEO noticed that the trunk of the rental car was sagging a bit low.   When you combine that with the fact that the other passenger Calderon, was acting nervous and the picture begins to look a little suspicious.  The LEO took aside Calderon and asked about the direction of travel and was informed that they were heading to Iowa to visit Bailey’s brother.  Since nothing was adding up correctly, the LEO had enough probable cause to search the vehicle.

A K-9 officer was summoned to the location with Raleigh, the drug sniffing dog.  Raleigh made quick work of the scene and alerted on the back-end of the car.  When the truck was opened, the Officers found 4 black duffel bags stuffed full of bricks of Cocaine.

Both Bailey and Calderon were immediately arrested.  Bailey also faces additional charges of driving without a valid license and failure to show proof of insurance.

Once again, the devil is in the details.

My sincerest congratulations to the Police Officers who caught the biggest bust in Pueblo’s history.  These men and women put their lives on the line every single day protecting us citizens from the likes of these people.  Their job is often long, hard and thankless.  They deal with the criminal element so we don’t have to!   My heartfelt thanks to all the men and women serving as LEOs.

For More Information on this Bust:


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