Carson City Shooting

I have been waiting most of the day to write this blog because there is always so much rumour and disinformation that occurs during the initial chaos of a tragic event.

A mentally unstable man named Eduardo Sencion drove to a popular chain restaurant this morning and opened fire on a table of uniformed National Guard Soldiers.  Carrying an AK-47 he continued his murderous rampage driving circles in the parking lot and firing off rounds.  At the end of it, he saved the taxpayers the cost of a trial by turning the gun on himself.

As the dust has begun to settle, we now know that 4 people are dead and 8 others are wounded.  Two of the fatalities are National Guard troops while the other two are a civilian woman and the shooter.  We know that the shooter was born in Mexico but had a valid United States Passport.  His family has also indicated that he suffered from undefined mental illness.  He never served in the Military nor did he have a criminal record.

Carson City is a very close-knit community of about 55,000 and news of the shooting spread very quickly through this sleepy town.  Shock and dismay has rattled the residents to the very core.  “I don’t know what’s happening to my city,” Fran Hunter, who works at the Sierra Le Bone pet shop just north of the IHOP, told the Reno Gazette-Journal. “This happens in L.A. or Las Vegas but not here.”

The rampage occurred just 4 miles from the Guard’s Headquarters.  One of the Guard’s troops was quoted as saying, “You go a whole tour in Afghanistan and no one is shot. And you go to IHOP and several are shot.”  He went on to say,  “It’s a shock. I came to work today and had no idea I’d be driving the chaplain here (to the hospital.)”

The National Guard Troops were unarmed in the restaurant.  Should they have had weapons I suspect the outcome would have been a bit different but either way the shooter would still be dead and with him goes the answers to his actions.  However, in reality, the answers are meaningless because it won’t change the fact that he lost his mind and took lives.  And it won’t change the fact that this sleepy little community will never be the same.

As if all of this isn’t disgusting enough, the shooter drove a minivan to the location and on the back was a “we support our troops” sign.

UPDATE:  If you go to the IHOP website you will see a very nice company statement regarding this issue.  That’s outstanding!

To read more on this tragedy:  (Reno Gazette Journal Home Page – Lots of information)


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