Unintended Consequences AKA Uh Oh!!!

Whenever you stick your nose in someone else’s business, you open yourself up for trouble.  Most of us learned this as children on playgrounds.  However, the lesson seems to have been lost on our President.

As you know, we just had to get involved in the Libyan conflict to oust Moammar Qaddhafi.  Our country supplied guns, ammo, airstrikes and drone intelligence all without getting congressional approval.  I haven’t quite figured out why it was necessary for us to get involved in this situation.  Mostly because for the last 15 or so years, there hasn’t been any trouble with Qaddhafi.  In fact, now that his compound has been raided, there is evidence that he was helping both the CIA here and MI5 in Great Britain with counter-terrorism.

“The details of the Belhadj case and of the wider co-operation between the intelligence services of the US, Britain and Libya were first unearthed on Friday by Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director for Human Rights Watch. Mr Bouckaert said he stumbled across the building, a nondescript gated property next door to a mosque in a mainly residential area, while searching for an alleged secret prison in the neighbourhood.”  

“Britain was able to establish a close relationship with Libya in 2003 because of Col Gaddafi’s landmark decision to renounce his weapons of mass destruction. That commitment was heavily brokered by MI6 in London, with Sir Mark Allen, MI6’s head of counter-terrorism, playing the lead role.”

“Once the agreement had been reached, the UK sought to expand its area of co-operation with Libya to counter-terrorism. Here the UK and Libya had common interests. Libya regarded the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group as political dissidents that needed to be eliminated, while Britain saw them as jihadists closely aligned to al-Qaeda.”

Let’s be clear however, dealing with Qaddhafi was no picnic.  I’m sure we all remember the speech he gave at the United Nations that was more like a stream of consciousness than anything significant.  With that being said, i have no doubt that the information obtained by the West from Libya was carefully examined before it was acted upon, IF it was acted upon.

However, why was it so critical for our President to become involved in this revolution?  Obama said that we had a “moral responsibility” to become involved because Qaddhafi may fight back and kill people. Obama is quoted as saying, “Failure to do so would have allowed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to unleash his military on his own people and signaled the world that such violence would go unchallenged.”  It seems to me that the rebels did plenty of killing on their march to Tripoli.  And how many of our bullets and our bombs created casualties?  It’s a very curious stand to take when you are helping in the killing.   Once again, Obama did NOT have congressional approval for attacks in this civil war which is why he hid behind NATO.  Members of both Democrat and Republicans spoke out against our involvement but it fell on deaf ears at the White House.

Now to add more compelling evidence that our involvement was a poor idea, AP news has reported today that the Rebels who have taken over are rounding up all the Black people who live in Libya ( http://news.yahoo.com/libyan-rebels-round-black-africans-130723394.html).  They contend that the Black population sided with Qaddhafi and are therefore considered enemy combatants.   They are being rounded up and thrown into makeshift jails which are often out in the hot sun and they are only fed once (maybe twice) a day.  The Blacks who lived in the northern cities were immigrants from nearby countries such as Niger and were very welcomed by Qaddhafi.  They worked as painters, laborers and on the docks.  Many have lived in Libya’s north since the 1970’s.

At this point it is difficult to ascertain how many are in detention.  But, what remains clear is that they are unfairly and unjustly being rounded up by the 100’s and are thrown in unsatisfactory conditions.  Where is our “moral responsibility” now?  I find it fascinating that our Black organizations such as the Congressional Black Caucus, has not denounced these human rights violations.  The African Union and Amnesty International have voiced their outrage but here in America, our leaders are silent.  We haven’t heard from Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.   We certainly haven’t heard from Rep. Maxine Waters nor have we heard from the President and CEO of the NAACP, Benjamin Todd Jealous.  I have been to their websites, read their blogs and was dismayed to find that not one word of the roundup was mentioned.  Politics is big money so I suppose they have decided that it is better to side with the President and his misguided decisions rather than speak out against obvious human rights violations.

To sum it up, we brought chaos to a relatively peaceful place before we got there.  We shut off a source of counter-terrorism information and to top it off we have allowed  people to be rounded up and incarcerated just for being black.

Is it any wonder that our economy and way of life is so damaged?

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