What’s the big deal?

I awoke early.  With the promise of a new day bringing a smile to my face, I entered the kitchen and threw open the vertical blinds.   As the kitchen was flooded with morning light, I poured myself a large cup of coffee (2 splendas & half/half please) and made my way to my computer.  As it was warming up, my thoughts were on the beauty of the day and all the magnificent creatures on Terra Firma.

Immediately, I was struck with a ginormous kerfluffle of epic proportions:  Chaz Bono has been selected to go on Dancing With The Stars!!!  Oh the horror of it all.  Hide the children.  Seriously?!  Are you kidding me?  Hmmmm, in the midst of the unemployment crisis, foreclosure crisis and all around economic crisis of this country and everyone is up in arms over some TV show.  Well, that took the heat right out of my coffee.

Here’s the deal…. Why do you care??  If you have an issue with transgendered surgery then I suggest you don’t have the surgery.  Your precious children are not going to ask you if this person was once a female!  Unless of course, you are the one who brings it up.  They are not going to introduce Chaz as *she was once Chastity Bono, but after sexual re-assignment surgery, we get to see her as Chaz.*  Does that even make good sense to you all?  NO!  They will introduce him as Chaz Bono.  In other words, if you don’t make a big deal of this, your children won’t either.  However, they may have some not so kind comments about his weight.  I can’t help you with that, because I’m wondering myself how he’s going to make it through.

Let me sum this up by saying…  Get over it!!!  It’s much ado about nothing unless you make it something.


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  1. Ldy Sue Graham Millard
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 02:23:03

    Well i dont get it!!! you dont see anyone jumping up and down because so and so had a boob job!!! Come on get real he is not hurting anyone, he made a decision just accept it he has a right to be happy and obviously is happy. my gran used to say… If you cant say something nice about someone then dont say anything. Words to live by!! So the haters should just shut their traps!!


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